Around 1998 I started the adventure of writing a blog. And I say adventure because, as with every adventure, you make a plan and try to follow but things you could not account for are always at the door and thus you have to think again about your plan.

This will be either 5th or 6th attempt of writing a blog. Most likely will be the definitive. Honestly, on previous occasions I wanted to write about religion, my hobbies and share pictures of these, and things I come to think about social and political subjects around the place I live and what not. Why? Just because I think I have a valid point that needs to be considered.

I’d like to write about the work I do as well, I wonder if it would be ideal since one of the reasons I have this blog is to forget about work. I may share with you Medium links, the place where I’ve written about work and related subjects. They may not be technical but they’re work related. Mhe… let’s see what happens.

Ey, I started with this around 20 years ago ?

Whatever happens, this is the latest adventure of keeping a blog and lets see how it goes. I’m quite lazy so I hope I can keep it running.