Goose bumps

I must confess that live music, most of it, gives me goose bumps. Music has always been of my liking and since I can remember I have always looked for music to go along with me whatever I’m doing. I even tried to find music to go along with while riding but the experiment was quick to finish because I found out that I cannot enjoy both things at the same time.

I like to play guitar and I’ve been making some baby steps towards learning piano, kind of learning a few strokes at a time mostly just to make it sound like something I’d like. I am not a musician but music seems to run in the family. We all have a nice ear which makes easy for us to learn to play instruments and singing. Singing is not exactly something I like but I do rip my throat with Wish you where here or Shine on you crazy diamond, who doesn’t?

I also like the Cello or Violoncello, one of my sisters plays it and sometimes I steal it for a bit to, just as the piano, try to squeeze something decent out of it.

But man, live music.It has something that goes through my body, takes me out of this place and just makes my eyes water a bit just by listening it. You don’t know, but you could say that I don’t really talk to anyone about anything really personal. And by personal I mean what goes in my mind, I’ll tell you about this in some other post, but sometimes I think the music is the way I talk and just let my self go out and that’s why live music just hits me every time.

Sometimes, the loudest of the loudest music is not enough to enjoy that piece that just straights my head and allow me to be at peace, in the couch, with my mind in peace and at calm, which I didn’t had before.

So, if you my little friends do not know what I’m talking about don’t worry, probably you don’t have a good ear we all have different tastes.

Let me share with you something I was listening while writing this down, something that was making me company while wandering in my world of ideas like Plato used to say.

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