What about God?

Honestly, to believe in God it’s no easy matter for those who cannot accept that there is someone beyond our understanding, and because we cannot understand or find the logic of it we think it cannot exist. There are many arguments that will say God does not exist and it’s ok that we have these arguments because everyone can choose the ones you like best, but that does not change my Faith nor my experiences in life with and without God. This post is not meant to be a debate about God’s existence.

I have a few stories that are amazing because they are not regular stories nor stories that some one could have every once in a while. My stories regarding God could be even classified as fantasy or just something I made up; I know they’re not easy to believe in but if you knew me just a little bit you’d know that I could not create a story like this.

One of those stories brought me, along with my wife, back to Mexico. After a little less than 2 years living in USA, we decided that only God could tell us where to live because we weren’t really happy at that place.

At first everything was good, and one day I was fired because they were letting people go due financial issues and well… I was relaxed knowing that God was working on something better for us. Although I was going crazy just a couple of weeks after, I don’t know how to live without working.

Just one month after, I got a job offer at a place that was really close where my wife used to work. That’s not luck friends, that’s one of the ways God blessed us. But after a couple of months, right after Mexico’s September 2017 earthquake, we were moved to another building that I think I was the only one who dislike it. They were WeWork offices where everything was really nice and all, but my desk was too small and really close to the others for my taste.

Sooner than later, working overtime (without being paid for the extra time) became something on a daily basis, just because something was agreed with a client without consulting the team if it was feasible to do it in the time requested. Also seems like no one liked that I was at discomfort because of that. So I started to look for another job.

So far, the story seems pretty normal right? And it certainly would seem because these are not uncommon things. But in the mean time? How do you live? Stressed? Tired? Happy? 1 inch from chaos? I was exahausted because I was trying to make them understand things that no matter how hard you try they cannot understand because what they care most about it’s delivering no matter the cost.

One day, this question popped into my head: What about God? I started praying asking for a job at another place, where I could feel better. I put my mind so much in trying to change something that was out of my hands that I forgot about God and how much He have helped me in the past and so far He had delivered and some.

FYI: When you ask God for something, be as much specific as you can because if God answer your pray it will do it as you asked.

Finally one day I found a job, doing what I like and working from home. Bingo!

Personally, I can tell you God is real because of what I have experienced and how He has helped me every day that I wake up. He has never let me down. Every single time that I’ve had a rough time is because I walk away from God.

It’s not about going to Church every Sabbath and that’s it. Growing closer to God goes beyond traditions, it is necessary to know Him, to develop a personal and intimate relationship to know Him. I will never be able, or anyone will be able, to tell you something that will make you believe and trust in God if you have never tried by your self to know Him.

Only God can help us on every single aspect of our live, regardless of how impossible seems to be.

28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God…

Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭28‬ King James Version (KJV)

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