It is time! My dad used to say every morning to wake me up and get ready for school. Waking up was the least of my problems; getting out of bed, take a shower, dress and do not go back to sleep was the real challenge.

Until now, many years later, I’m not a morning person. Getting up early and be ready right away it’s not part of me. My brain constantly reminds me that I’m a grown man and I could get up a bit later, and to be honest it is true, but I find rather cynical to think that, at 8:30 am, I could still get up later. However there’s certain feeling of accomplishment when I manage to wake up early and, of course, get out of bed.

There are days where I catch the sunrise, in its deceiving silence, because at the distance you can hear a rooster, a dog, a bus, a car. There are days where sunrise hasn’t happened yet, instead I still catch the lights from Ocoyoacac at a distance, and I wait for a bit, the blue light that starts appearing behind the mountains when the sun is about to rise. To me there’s a funny play of feelings, because you just woke up before the day stared and you didn’t sleep the whole night through, like you were watching over the night and day, although later one I’ll be reminded that I’m not a kid anymore.

But even after all that, here where I live, it’s quiet and calm. Being 9:20 am right now you can hear a bit far from here voices from a neighbor hurrying their kids or taking to their dogs, or the other way around, I can’t really know in this world.

In the meantime some others are having their first meetings, in this new way of living. New for many, my way of living for the past 20 years. The home office.

Here, in my laptop keyboard, while I try to solve a coding problem, while the sun keeps going up and the sounds as well, just like the coffee aroma to my nose and the mercury to the promised 21ºC, I enjoy having got up early, my coffee cup and I wonder why the hell I don’t have a concha or a croissant to have with my coffee. I may go to the bakery later so tomorrow I’ll have some in stock, this way I could motivate my self to get up early again.

Who would have thought!

When I was 16-17 y/o my motivation was doing exercise and be in good shape, now my gluttony is pushing me!

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